This litter is SOLD

 Ziva & Nash – Full English Fox Red 

This is a highly-desired breeding.  Ziva has given us two amazing litters with Jethro.  Nash has given us two amazing litters with our other English girls.  We are SO VERY excited to welcome this mating!!  

Puppies have arrived!!!!   TEN beautiful babies.   

July 30, 2016  

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  1.  Red Moon Labradors(KS)Red  “Miss Peach”
  2.  Fox Red Labs(M/GA)Purple          “Lola”                                        
  3.  Blueberry Hill Pink                          “Lexie”
  4.  Haley Hove(GA) Aqua                     “Sage”


  1. Clare-Locke  Gray                           “Gipper”
  2. J. Recicar(GA) Green                     “River”
  3. P/K Reardigan(GA) Blue              “Ryder”
  4. S. Hamilton(GA) Lime                   “Cedar”
  5. P. Palmer(GA) Black                         “Jack”
  6. Duval (GA) Camo                            “Hudson”