Lucy had a beautiful litter of nine – 7 girls and 2 boys on March 15, 2017

This litter is sold!




1.Donovan/Blueberry Hill            – Green collar (Striker)             

2. Scott Carr (GA)                             – Blue collar  (Axel)



1. Blueberry Hill                                – Aqua collar  (Yoda – because Elsie says so!!)

2. Jackie Beckenbach (FL)            – Orange collar (Sasha)

3. Rachel McCollum (GA)              – Yellow collar (Ginger)

4. Read Brennan (GA)                    – Purple collar (Lucy) We are so honored!

5. Mark & Judy Weingold (OH)  – Pink collar (Rosie)

6. Meredith Elzy (SC)                     – Red collar (Roxy)

7. Ned & Laurie Lenhart (GA)     – Gray collar (Penny)





AKC I Can See Clearly Now at Blueberry Hill (Nash)

DOB: 7/7/14


PRA, RD/OSD, EIC, CNM Clear – CERF – Cardiac(ECHO) normal                                                                      OFA hips-excellent, elbows normal



AKC Renescence Sunrise to Sunset, CGC (Lucy)

DOB: 2/10/12


PRA, EIC, CNM Clear – CERF – Cardiac Normal – Penn-Hipp >80% – Elbows normal


This will be an English/American all Fox Red litter. We are very excited to combine these two awesome pedigrees. Seems like these puppies will be the perfect all-around Lab—-combining Lucy’s incredible athleticism and intelligence with Nash’s perfect laid-back nature.

Nash is a gorgeous Fox Red color. He loves life—but mostly loves being loved—actually mistaking himself for a “lap dog!”  As a young puppy, he was very successful in the show ring and has all the potential to be a Champion.  In addition, Nash’s kindness and gentleness make him irresistible. He loves interacting with all our young puppies and teaching them how to play.  We know his puppies will take on many of his wonderful qualities.

Lucy is a fun, active and highly-intelligent girl. She likes all dogs and all humans—-just a very social creature. In the house, she is well-behaved and we hardly know she is around—–UNTIL!! we bring out a bowl of food or a tennis ball!!! Lucy is also the “hall monitor”. She likes to keep everyone in line and behaving. She does not hesitate to break up puppy play that gets too rowdy. We are continually amazed by her—-sometimes we think we should spell words so she doesn’t know what we are saying.